Premium Car Service - From $440

Are you the owner of a prestige or high-performance car in the Hills District? Do you want the use the services of modern workshop? Would you like access to state of the art diagnostic reports locally? Does your vehicle require special attention by experts? Do you own a late model European car?



In general, this premium service is designed for the care and maintenance. Of high performance and prestige cars (including European) in the Hills District. Additionally, these cars generally take longer to service due to their added complexity. Meaning, from parts to computers and thorough investigations taken.

Hills District Premium Service Mechanic

We run full diagnostic scans, test and inspect specialized components, and reset all service lights.

As a result, the premium car service VMA Euro provide promises to have your motor running like a dream. As mentioned, we use only the highest stand equipment. Furthermore, our team is extremely dedicated to the work. Our promise ensures complete customer satisfaction when working on your engine. Lastly, our team are great communicators understanding what your vehicle means to you.

Lastly, our team are great communicators understanding what your vehicle means to you.



In essence, our Premium car service is designed to cater for prestige and high-performance cars. Firstly, our team understands the extreme power and speed that is recognized in high-performance cars. Subsequently, we also understand high performance cars modernly speaking are not always large cars. They vary and can also vary in the work performed.

Furthermore, as the name of our business suggests. We are highly skilled in the maintenance of prestige cars and vehicles. For example, many brands of cars fall under this category. Such as Volkswagen, BMW, Audi and many more. In summary, our passion is getting solid results for all our customers.


  • Premium full synthetic oil change
  • Premium additives
  • Premium oil filter replacement
  • Courtesy car available



Even more, if you have a European vehicle or any vehicle that requires a premium service. Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling to book a service. Check out our reviews on Google My Business for 5-Star reviews.