When it comes to vehicles, knowing the differences between a pink slip, blue slip & green slip are important.

Each of the different "coloured" slips have their own purpose and is essential for the registration and the insurance coverage for your car.

Here at VMA Euro, our specialist mechanics can assist anyone in need of a pink slip by performing necessary repairs or simply answering any questions you may have for us.


Otherwise known as an "e-Safety Check", a pink slip is a road worthiness or safety inspection report for registered cars. The slip itself is valid for 6 months after the date of issue, which can give you time if required to organise anything else involved with the registration.

All motor vehicles over 5 years old will require a pink slip before registration with Service NSW. The test itself (if all goes well) should only take between 15-20mins.

The reason for this is basically to ensure the car is still safe to be driven on public roads which may incur additional costs to repair items such as brake lights, headlights, damaged wipers or worn tyres.

We only repair these parts with your approval but we will warn you if the items aren't replaced, we can't pass your Pink Slip, and neither will any other mechanic.



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